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Web Browser for iPhone

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For Users

Kitt is the most customizable web browser for iPhone. It has all the advanced features you have come to expect from a modern web browser: tabs, bookmarks, history, find in page and incognito mode, to name just a few. But with its powerful customizability, Kitt offers much more:

And much more

Kitt is the first iPhone browser to harness the full power of extensions. In fact it supports the same popular extension framework used by Google Chrome. The extensions mentioned above are just example: with the power of Kitt’s extension framework it can be customized in infinite ways.

For Developers

To develop extensions for Kitt, first install and run our development server. Consult our developer documentation for precise details about which Chrome Platform APIs we currently support. Full source code for our sample extensions can be found on GitHub. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

Whitelabel edition

Use Kitt technology to build your own fully-featured iPhone web browser. Kitt is more than just a browsing widget. It includes all the features users have come to expect from a modern browser: tabs, bookmarks, history, find in page, incognito mode and much more.


With your own browser you can deepen engagement with your user base, giving them a powerful reason to return to your app.


Customize Kitt to your precise requirements using our powerful extensibility framework. With the same simple JavaScript-based framework used by the Chrome Platforms APIs, you can add advanced features to the browser that set it apart from the competition. If you already have a Chrome extension, it is easy to adapt it for use in Kitt.


Having your own browser opens up a number of lucrative new monetization strategies. We have affiliate agreements with a number of search engines and retailers that we make available to Kitt partners. We also offer optional e-commerce functionality such as cashback and couponing that can be used to increase the amount of revenue you can generate with your app.


Kitt can also be embedded inside existing apps to provide them with the full power of a customizable web browser. The Kitt browser becomes a view inside the app that can be used instead of the typical stripped-down browser widget to enable users to browse web pages.

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Salsita Software - Skilled JavaScript engineers developing mobile and web applications

Salsita is a full-stack software development consultancy specializing in complex web and mobile apps using JavaScript, React, AngularJS, Node and other popular web technologies. We developed the core technology underlying Kitt, overcoming a number of daunting technological challenges. Contact Salsita to find out how we can help make your next project a success.

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